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The Hidden

For the creatures living in the banished world of Midzark, life has been a hard one. Magic is in short supply while the giants who built their palace off the sweat of imprisoned slaves live like kings.

Following the dangerous journey through the Kylix, Tresstéanna now finds herself a small queen in a very large land. One where giants rule and enslave those who are gifted with magic. Her mission to return the goddess Genoa to her resting place has now been halted while she and her friends fights to reunite with the others from Genoa along with her fiancé, Kriston.

Kriston recovers from his recent injuries sustained down in the dark tunnel of the Kylix only to discover his love, Tresstéanna has been ripped from his arms. Now he finds himself in a century old battle between two peoples in a new land called Midzark. A world so different from Genoa that he and his band struggle to free their friends from the giant’s grips that hold them. 

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